Spring 2015 Courses Crosslisted with Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies | Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
University of Pittsburgh

Spring 2015 Courses Crosslisted with Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Undergraduate Courses:

ANTH 0768 Human Sexuality in Cross Culture Gabby Yearwood
ANTH 1737 Money, Sex, and Power June Hee Kwon
COMMRC 1122 Media Criticism Meredith Guthrie
COMMRC 1126 Media and Consumer Culture Meredith Guthrie
COMMRC 1730 Special Topic: 'Communication of Affect' Mark Peterson
ENGLIT 0325 Short Story in Context: Film, Sexuality, Biography Carol M. Bové
ENGLIT 0630 Sexuality and Representation Sara Appel
ENGWRT 1399 Women in Journalism Cindy Skrzykci
FR 1085 Women's Voices in French Literature Renate Kosinski
HAA 0402 Women Artists Amy Cymbala
HIST 1055  History of Dance  Emily Winerock
HIST 1056 History of Dance Practicum Emily Winerock
HIST1707 Gender in Global History Urmi Engineer
PSY 0184 Psychology of Gender Patrice Coralyn McCauley
PSY 1110 Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality Katrina Cooper-D'Aquin
SOC 0436 Social Aspects of Sexuality Kimberly Creasap
SOC 0446 Sociology of Gender Kimberly Creasap

Graduate Courses:

ADMPS 2359 Gender, Education, and International Development Maureen Porter
ANTH 2720-1200 Poetics & Politics of Ethnography Nicole Contable
COMMRC 2215 Human Rights Rhetoric Lester Olson
COMMRC 3326 Seminar in Media Studies: Voicing Popular Cultures Ronald J. Zboray/Mary Saracino Zboray
EDUC 2110/ADMPS 2133 Gender and Education Maureen Porter
ENGFLM 2695 Horror Film Adam Lowenstein
ENGLIT 2506 Women and Literacy Jean Ferguson Carr
ENGLIT 2610 The Novel: Advanced Texts and Theory Nancy Glazener
SOC 3397 Topic in Social Movements: The Women's Movement Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum
SPAN 2428 Borges and His Circle Daniel Balderston

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