SPRING '16 GRADUATE COURSE GSWS2240: “Gender and the Global” | Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
University of Pittsburgh

SPRING '16 GRADUATE COURSE GSWS2240: “Gender and the Global”

Prof. Gabriella Lukacs

Tuesday, 6-8:30, 402-E Cathedral of Learning​ 

Globality is a condition characterized by ever-expanding spatial connections across national boundaries that emerged out of such forms of contact as colonialism, socialism, the Cold War, and neoliberalism. In this course, we will explore the intricate connections between globality and gender asking how gender, a key structuring principle of difference in society, is being reconfigured as national regulatory systems can no longer maintain control over what is recognized as normative in the realm of gender. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this course will draw on a range of materials including scholarly texts, fiction, and film to examine the connections between gender and globality in such contexts as labor migration, gendered labor in transnational factories, marriage and family, sex and colonialism, sex work and state violence, new reproductive technologies, as well as queer identities and activism. The particular historical contexts in which we will discuss these themes include colonialism, the Cold War Era, post-socialism, and neoliberalism. Enrollment cap: 15 

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