Marianne Novy's New Book "Shakespeare and Outsiders" | Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
University of Pittsburgh

Marianne Novy's New Book "Shakespeare and Outsiders"

This book compares and contrasts the ways female characters are positioned as outsiders in Shakespeare's plays with the ways many other characters are so positioned. Arguing that being outsider is a relative condition rather than a fixed identity, and that it can have positive aspects, it shows that some women, perhaps more obviously than most other characters, may be both insiders and outsiders. It also explores whether male characters who love other men are outsiders for that reason in Shakespeare, and also considers how other characters are treated as outsiders because of religion, race, class, age, poverty, illegitimate birth, and how  the plays often create  parallels between many different kinds of outsiders as well as between outsiders and insiders.

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