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Feminist Theory Reading Group

Feminist Theory Reading Group

Sponsored by William Scott in English

Meets every other Friday of each month, from 9:30 to 11:30 AM, in CL 527

The Feminist Theory Reading Group is an ongoing discussion group that meets regularly twice a month during the academic year to talk about significant works of feminist theory, including both old and new, “classic” and “emerging” texts and authors. It is open to anyone with an interest in feminist theory and its related contemporary discourse(s.

For the current fall 2014 semester, we will be discussing a series of widely influential essays by Julia Kristeva, collected in the volume The Kristeva Reader, edited by Toril Moi (Columbia University Press, 1986). PDF copies of all the readings are available at this link(https://pitt.box.com/FeministTheory-Fall2014) or upon request (email:wdscott@pitt.edu) for those interested in joining the discussion. 

8/29/14: “Introduction,” “The System and the Speaking Subject,” & “Semiotics: A Critical Science and/or a Critique of Science” (The Kristeva Reader, pp. 1-33, 74-88).

9/12/14: “Revolution in Poetic Language” (The Kristeva Reader, pp. 89-136)

9/26/14: “About Chinese Women” (The Kristeva Reader, pp. 138-159)

10/10/14: “Stabat Mater” (The Kristeva Reader, pp. 160-186)

10/24/14: “Women’s Time” (The Kristeva Reader, pp. 187-213)

11/7/14: “The True-Real” (The Kristeva Reader, pp. 214-237)

11/21/14: “'Freud and Love: Treatment and Its Discontents” (The Kristeva Reader, pp. 238-271)

12/5/14: “A New Type of Intellectual: The Dissident” & “Psychoanalysis and the Polis” (The Kristeva Reader, pp. 292-320) 

For questions, suggestions, or more information about the Feminist Theory Reading Group,please contact William Scott: wdscott@pitt.edu

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