Fall '17 GSWS Grad Seminars | Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
University of Pittsburgh

Fall '17 GSWS Grad Seminars

GSWS 2252: Theories of Gender and Sexuality
Professor Rostom Mesli
Tuesday 6-8:30 pm

This course provides an overview of important tendencies and controversies in gender and sexuality studies, emphasizing emerging directions in scholarship as well as foundational readings. Gender and sexuality studies are interdisciplinary fields in conversation with feminist theory and queer theory as well as a host of academic disciplines. Drawing on readings from a variety of disciplines (including sociology, anthropology, history, law, political science, philosophy, and literary studies) and sampling a range of methodologies, this course works through some of the key moments, movements, and problems that have shaped and continue to shape contemporary thinking about gender and sexuality. The course also serves as a graduate-level introduction to the skills and practices of reading, discussing, and writing in a variety of theoretical idioms.

GSWS 2240: Gender and the Child
Professor Julian Gill-Peterson
Wednesday 2:30-5:00
402-E Cathedral of Learning

This seminar investigates the convergences and divergences of feminist, queer, and trans childhood studies across the humanities and social sciences via a central question: what kind of cultural and biological form is a child? We will define “childhood” capaciously, including infancy and adolescence, while also considering forms of infantilization at all ages. The course will begin by reconsidering the unusual relationship between gender oppression and childhood in 1970s feminist writing. To complicate that foundation, we will also consider the racialization of childhood as its unthought ground. We will then examine a range of methodological approaches to thinking about children and childhood broadly, and girlhood and boyhood specifically, including history, literature, sociology, education, and anthropology. One focal area of the course will be transgender children and transgender childhood. We will also work to provincialize the Anglo-American narrative of “modern” childhood by reading global and transnational scholarship in childhood studies. The writing in this seminar will ask students to rethink the place of the child in their home discipline and their own scholarship, and final papers may be on a topic from students’ home disciplines.

Planned for spring term 2018: GSWS 2270, Queer Theory (Reeser) and GSWS 2252, Theories of Gender and Sexuality (Glazener) (2:30-5:00 time block on a day TBD).


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