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Faculty Fellowship in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies (GSWS): Call for Proposals

Due October 10th, 2014

With funding from the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, each year the GSWS Program will award a fellowship for a tenure-stream faculty member from A&S to conduct research on a topic related to gender/sexuality studies, teach one course in the Program, and participate actively in the research aspects of the Program. The selected faculty member will receive a *one-course release* during the next AY.

Because this fellowship aims to incorporate A&S tenure-stream faculty—and especially early- and mid-career faculty—into the Program, applicants will also teach a GSWS course during the year of the fellowship. Buy-out funds for the faculty member’s home department are available. A faculty member can teach a GSWS course in one semester, and take the course release in the other semester. Or, s/he could do both in the same semester. Faculty will also participate actively in the research activities of the Program, including organizing events (lectures, reading groups, workshops, etc.).

Interested faculty should send to Todd Reeser<mailto:reeser@pitt.edu>, Program Director:
·        A brief description of a research project related to GSWS.
·        A title and brief description of an interdisciplinary course (or of multiple courses) that could be taught in the Program. Applicants are welcome to consult with the Program Director about course ideas. Indicate which semester(s) a course could be taught. Please note that courses should be firmly in the area of gender/sexuality/women’s studies and should not be discipline-based courses that would routinely be taught in one’s home department.
·        At least one packet of OMETS, preferably from an advanced undergraduate course.
·        A CV.

Interested faculty members should discuss their applications with their department chairs. Fellows will be appointed by the Dean, as recommended by the Program Director, after consultation with a selection committee.


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