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Contribute to film production on Audre Lorde by Dagmar Schultz


Professor of Communication and Women's Studies Affiliate Faculty, Lester Olson, explains the undertaking:

"I received a request from Dr. Dagmar Schultz, who knew Lorde during her years in Berlin after inviting her to participate at the Kennedy Institute there, to sponsor a documentary film concerning her life during the time period.  No one is better positioned than Dagmar to prepare this film, especially since it will be undertaken in collaboration with Third World Newsreel (whose extensive footage of Audre and people who knew her well I am almost certain that I have viewed at the archives for Lorde's papers in Atlanta)."

“Audre Lorde – the Berlin Years 1984 to 1992  The marvelous arithmetics of difference”(work title)

A film  produced by Dagmar Schultz

"As Audre Lorde’s German publisher I am in the process of making a film with Zara Zandieh on Audre Lorde’s years in Germany 1984 - 1992. The film demonstrates how Lorde’s ideas about human differences inspired the development of a Black German movement and the growth of consciousness around racism among White women – a subject few people outside of Germany are aware of. The project is a very timely one given the renewed US-EU struggles against racism and around race and ethnic  integration. Audre Lorde’s work and legacy are central to US – German cross-cultural exchanges and coalition building in the context of the Black diaspora.

The film is based on archival materials, videos and photos I and others took. We also integrate footage which Third World Newsreel (TWN) took in Berlin in 1989 for their film 'A Litany for Survival. Life and Work of Audre Lorde,' most of which do not appear in that documentary. The film is to be finished by 2012, the 20th anniversary of Audre Lorde’s passing.

Audre Lorde always believed that when community comes together anything is possible. Those of us who cherish her memory must step forward and contribute as generously as we can. At this point, two types of support are urgently needed: publicity and financial aid. All pre-production work is done, and the script is written. I am now to raise $30,000 for further production, post-production and promotion. Contributions of any amount are needed and welcome, and contributors will be named as sponsors. Let me know how you want to be listed, and if you have a logo, please send it together with your response to this letter."


Dagmar Schultz



There are several ways in which you can support this important project:

  • pay for the DVD now ($30) and receive it in the summer of 2011
  • donate $100 and receive one DVD of the film 
  • donate $250 or more and receive one DVD, one broadside poem of Audre Lorde with her original signature (limited edition available), and one enlarged portrait photo of Audre Lorde by Dagmar Schultz
  • place this fundraising call on your website/listserve/facebook page
  • find out whether your institution/organization would be interested in supporting this film


Below the US bank connection and address and a short precis of the film.

Dagmar Schultz

Bank of the West

2812 Mission Street

San Francisco CA 94110

Acct. no: 612-002485; Routing No.: 121100782; Subject: Audre Lorde film


Address for checks  (to be issued for “Audre Lorde film”):

Dagmar Schultz c/o Lippitt

Box 68

Jenner, CA 95450


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