What's the T' in LGBT? | Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
University of Pittsburgh

What's the T' in LGBT?

February 27, 2014 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

We all know what the acronym "LGBT" stands for, but we don't always know what the "T" actually means. Come to this undergrad event to learn about all things trans*! A professional speaker on trans issues, Justin Adkins from Wiliams College will be providing a breakdown of trans* basics, with plenty of time for questions and answers. We'll be talking about questions like:

-what does trans* mean?

-what's the difference between transgender, transsexual, and trans*

-why is T in the acronym with L, G, and B?

-how can we as a community, a college, etc support trans* students and trans* rights?

-what's the deal with the gender binary anyway?

-and more!

Check out speaker Justin Adkin here:


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