Fertility Holidays: Global Journeys of Family Formation | Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
University of Pittsburgh

Fertility Holidays: Global Journeys of Family Formation

March 26, 2018 - 4:30pm - 5:45pm
Amy Speier (University of Texas at Arlington)

Dr. Amy Speier is a medical anthropologist specializing in reproductive health, globalization and medical tourism. In August 2016, her book Fertility Holidays: IVF Tourism and the Reproduction of Whiteness was released by New York University Press. This research is based on a multi-sited, multi-year ethnographic project with North Americans who travel to the Czech Republic for assisted reproductive technologies. In the book, she traces North American fertility journeys to the Czech Republic, examining the multiple motivations that compel them to travel halfway across the globe in their quest for parenthood. Dr. Speier's current research is an examination of couples from all over the world who are traveling to North America seeking fertility treatment. She is currently recruiting international intended parents, seeking to unravel the myriad ways that they navigate the complex reproductive industry of North America's "baby business". 

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