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The Heroines of AMC's Mad Men


This past Sunday I was watching a new episode of AMC's Mad Men that just started its fifth season. As I was watching the episode I could not get over how many topics were relating to what we've learned this semester in our Intro to Women's Studies class and I wanted to share it with you. I found a great article that talks about  how the female characters play such a crucial role in the message of the episode. You can read it here:


For example you have Peggy who asks her coworker if she acts like a man in the workplace, and admits that she is tired of trying to keep those actions up. Also, you have Dawn who is the first african american employee who is hired at the ad agency and she has to worry about the riots going on in the city.


If you are not familiar with the episode or the show here is an interesting recap of the episode with commentary from the actors and producer.

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